Only for the Ladies of Women Making Waves

“The Kiss Whisperer” is the real deal! If you’re on the fence about having a reading with her, just do it. She told me things from my past I’ve never told a single soul. She gave me peace with my present. She gave me insight into my future and a new hope. After our session, later in the day, Miranda asked me about the lump in my throat. I was shocked. How did she know? I didn’t tell her. I cannot remember when I have not had it. And just lived with it. She gave me a couple of remedies. Late into the evening I found my head in the toilet. Vomiting like when I was young, after a night of drinking. I finally fell asleep. I received a message in the morning from Miranda asking how my throat was. I shared my episode. And she sad “Good, now you have space for your voice.” Now the real work will begin. This is powerful. Do yourself a favor and book with her!

Tarot Tells & Kiss Whisper Oracle