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When life makes no effing sense, know this…

When life makes no effing sense, know this…

It wasn’t that long ago that I was really, really OVER it… 

I was OVER working so hard, trying so sincerely, caring so much, and still feeling like my life was an uphill battle. Wondering if you can relate?

I was employed at a Correctional Center here in my valley at the time, and working with offenders was remarkable, bizarre, peculiar, and incredible all at the same time. But that I could handle. What became too much for me (and what I’ve always been pretty tight-lipped about) was the emotional abuse I suffered from management. 

But I was scared to leave. I was newly separated from my husband, and I needed to pay for the roof over my head. So I stayed, and suffered… and suffered, and stayed. For much longer than I should have.

Finally, when I was so depressed that I could barely drag my body out of bed to go to work in the mornings, a colleague told me about a  phenomenal psychic called Julie she’d been seeing. And I decided to give it a go. 

I made an appointment with Julie, not quite knowing what to expect. But there she was, a little old lady with a caring heart, and I immediately felt at ease. She wanted to know if I had a specific problem that I needed a solution for, and I said yes, thinking about my anxiety regarding leaving my position at Corrective Services. Would I be okay if I left my position at the prison? Would I find a way to generate an income? Oh, and would I ever feel truly happy again?

And then something really fascinating happened… 

Julie had cards from about three different oracle decks laying face down on the table in front of her. She asked me to move the cards around, and to intuitively pick ONE out of all those cards…

And the one I picked, out of probably about 150 oracle cards in front of me, said ‘Time to Leave.’

I was stunned. Time to leave? Just like that? 

Julie laughed at my bewilderment as I shared what brought me to her in the first place. She confirmed that it was a message from Spirit and that I would be perfectly okay if I decided to throw in the towel.

So I resigned the very next day. 

And guess what?

It’s one of the BEST decisions I’ve made in my entire life! In fact, my only regret is that I overstayed my welcome for so long.

So I went back into private practice, and enjoyed every moment of being my own boss. My depression lifted, and suddenly I understood that I was being guided all along. My prayers to find my purpose had been answered – just in a totally unexpected way. And having left my position in the government, I also had enough time (and energy!) to explore the online world and write a book that went on to win a Hay House prize. 

You see, I would never have left Corrective Services if I hadn’t been treated so horribly. But the rejection I suffered was protection all along. God was on my side. The Universe had my back. And it all worked out in my favour a zillion trillion times over. 

And even if it’s really, really hard for you to believe me right now, that’s true for you too, my friend. 

When you’re drenched in loss, or overwhelmed by sadness, or surrounded by chaos, and life makes no effing sense, know this: 

It’s all a blessing in disguise. 

It’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you. And it will all work out perfectly in your favour. 

I promise.

It may just take a little bit of time to see the plan that was there for you all along. But of course, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry and vent and eat all the chocolates.

And let me just be perfectly honest – there is another super important piece of the puzzle that you have to find in order to move through the discomfort and  get to where you want to go.

I’ll share this BIG SECRET with you in tomorrow’s email, so make sure to look out for it! 🙂

BIG love,
Mia Rose 

*ps. If my story resonates with you in any way, please feel free to hit reply and let me know. When we share our stories, we get to feel less alone, don’t you think? xo

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