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Tarot Tells™ with A Kiss is all about conscious decision making. 💋

Starting with an understanding of your past, how it is affecting your present, and if you are ready to receive an abundant future, this is IT. We will better serve you when continuing your journey of life.  And having an idea of the direction you want to head in with clarity, creativity, and confidence will assist you in making the best life choices for you. 

“This is important because our decisions and actions always determine our fate.”
-The Official Lipstick Reader

First, it takes bravery to ask for assistance with life’s journey. Miranda is a third generation intuitive reader. Tarot Tells™ was created to include uncovering the whys (past) and how it is affecting your life now (present) to open up infinite possibilities (future). It begins with a Kiss.

Celebrities, luxury brands, and VIPs hire Miranda to entertain their guests with highly confidential yet accurate personal readings with the Official Lipstick Readings. Now offering the “What’s Next” Tarot Tells™ with a Kiss option. Private and personal one on one readings. Allow the Kiss Whisperer to uncover the mysteries within your kiss. Located in the heart of Hollywood, Miranda and team are available for Nationwide travel. For the budget conscious and those who desire a reading ASAP, online is an option at a deeply discount rate. You are seeking answers. The answers are provided as a Kiss Whisper, the only Official Lipstick Reader.

What Makes Tarot Tells™ Unique?

Tarot Tells™ with a Kiss is designed to use our own proprietary deck, the Kiss Whisper Cards. They are derived from the analysis of forensics, handwriting, chakras, color splash, numerology, and intuitive hidden secrets within our lip prints. Only with the Official Lipstick Reader. 

Better Than A Mood Ring What does your favorite hue say about you?

My personal readings are conducted in a professional, sensitive and confidential manner. I offer:

Tarot Tells with a Kiss
Archetypes with a Kiss
Kiss Whisper Oracle
Comprehensive Compatibility Readings

I provide readings in person or on the telephone. Office: 877-605-6389. Phone/Text 619-292-8575. Skype (mirandaskiss) or Email:

During the session, I will receive information about you through your lip print or channeling. I am a third-generation intuitive and retired Navy Veteran.  Both of these areas have brought me the skills to offer one of a kind insight to those seeking beyond.  I also look at your relationships both personal and business, and I am able to tune into your past, present, and future. I will give you my intuitive reading about the subject matter at hand, and answer any questions you may have. I will also cover the future ahead. I specialize in career, work, jobs, health, financial, decisions, and clearings too.

Please choose from the following list which areas of your life that you would like me to look into:

Soul Mates
Love Relationships
Career, Work, Finances
Family Matters
Dream Interpretation
Color Analysis

I also do online readings on Skype or for clients worldwide. All consultations are prepaid for in advance by PayPal, Venmo, or credit cards.

In your initial inquiry to please include the following: Your full name, birth date (no year please), city and state, phone number, yes and no questions, and choose the length of time for your Consultation. Please include (2) lipstick lip prints on a piece of white paper and preference of payment method.  You will receive a “Buy Now” link.  Immediately upon receiving your information and payment, I will notify you as to when I will conduct your personalized reading.

In a Hurry! Call now. Office: 877-605-6389. Phone/Text 619-292-8575. Email:

How to Kiss Properly

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