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The Official Lipstick Reader is a highly amusing interactive venue that will have your guests begging for more. Anita Miranda has a unique ability to make people smile, laugh, and have fun while being entertained. Each show is uniquely designed for the audience and is never the same twice. Not only will each guest (yes the fellas too), receive a complimentary lipstick they will take home a treasure of memories, a memento lip print card, KISS swag, and a gift certificate for their very own event.

Intuitive Lipstick Readings

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The Kiss Whisperer to the Stars enthusiastically presents a unique and endlessly unforgettable lipstick print reading service. The only lipstick print reader in the world to offer forensics along with intuitive and digital imprint readings. And you get a real cool SWAG bag.

Kiss Unique Readings


For larger events/parties, where the “Kiss Whisperer” provides an impromptu 3-5 minute lip print reading, a strolling kissing booth, or/and a team-building keynote that is sure to be a hit as part of the allure and cosmic mystique.  Your guests will be enchanted with rave reviews.  

Workshops Events | Online

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Event Planners, your job is tough to stay ahead of fads and trends.  Stay ahead of the game and knock it out of the park with your clients.  Partner with the Official Lipstick Reader for insights and have your organization deliver with a KISS when planning your “Wow” factor. 

Kiss Gifts For Host & Guests

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Are you seeking more value for your entertainment budget? We offer Tarot Tells, Lipstick Personality Tests, Archetypes, Kissing Styles, Kiss Whisper Oracle, and one of a kind “With A Wish Kiss” custom bracelets. When your guests demand more with a class act, bring it home.

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