No weekly visits, no “getting to know you” for one or two sessions. Instead we will uncover and discover through your personal kiss print what is next for you, on steroids.

You will receive a questionnaire ahead of our phone or video call appointment to help you map out exactly what issue you want to cover. So I can have my team prepare your custom session with all the pre-work completed. You will have your time to delve into what is your concern, any clearings and what to do in order to step into your light.

A private consultation with a kiss  print reading is perfect for when you need your Kiss Angel to help you  FAST!

You must be ready to invest in yourself at the highest level, emotionally, energetically, and strategically.

You’ve got to be ready to go deeper than ever before and to receive and take action.

Your reading is personal to you. What you share is up to you. Connecting with your angels is up to you. What you do next is up to you.

Book a personal one-on-one reading and receive guidance and clarity on your life’s biggest questions and challenges with the help of a private lip print reading.

Services Offered:

Tarot Tells with a Kiss
Archetypes with a Kiss
Kiss Whispers Oracle
Kissed by an Angel
Comprehensive Compatibility
Natal Charts

Please choose from the following list which areas of your life that you would like me to look into:

Soul Mates
Love Relationships
Career, Work, Finances
Clearings of Bad Energy
Healing of Traumas
Life Coaching
Family Matters
Dream Interpretation
Color Analysis