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Archetypes with a Kiss What does your kiss say about you?


What is the shape of your kiss?

What is the size of your kiss? (Small: Up to 1.5 inches; Medium: 1.5-2.5 inches; Large; More than 2.5 inches)

What is your kissing style?

Where is your erogenous kiss language's location?

What is your favorite color?

Archetypes with a Kiss

For you, meaning is found in the personal sense of alignment between beliefs and action.

You are able to find the silver lining in any cloud, able to remain calm in a crisis, make friends with everyone, and radiate the lightness of optimism.

Believing in the value of inner expression, you notice and act upon the need for innovation, invention, and re-interpretation with dedication to achievement.

You will do just about anything to avoid boredom and entrapment, push boundaries and delight in unexpected discoveries with a “no limits” philosophy.

You seek to understand the inner life force and fullest expression of self while coping with challenges and making the sacrifice required to achieve the goal of transformation.

You embody a sense of inner peace and acceptance, and can trigger nostalgia for simpler times.

You have a high need for autonomy, enjoy learning for its own sake because it allows for detachment from the masses and the capacity to remain objective.

You view the world through many different lenses and use fundamental laws and hidden workings of the universe to make dreams into reality of experiences in synchronicity, flow, and oneness.

You bring joy to the world, spark laughter, lighten the mood, live in the moment, and see life as a playground of opportunity.

Challenge convention by questioning the status quo and pushing the envelope, helping to dispel others’ fear of victimization.

You attract, give, receive and nurture life-affirming, intimate love strengthened by great passion and devotion in an experience that becomes a way of life.

You possess an aura of organization and order. You are a model of proper behavior while exuding an untouchable quality of privilege and royalty.

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