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How Does Your Lipstick, And The Color, Tell Your Story

Would you believe that the lipstick tells a story about the person wearing it? Before you fling this out as a mere hocus-pocus, hear me out from a psychological point of view.

About your lipstick

The lipstick is just a tube with the color inside, but when the lipstick is applied to someone’s lips then the magic begins.

Applying the color onto your lips is proven to give a morale boost or a good feeling.  It can also set first impressions and it’s more than just for vanity. There’s a reason why you choose the color (and even the formula!) and it indirectly tells other people few tidbits about you. Your personality is showcased through the color even before you speak to them.

So how does the lipstick color of your choice translates to others?

The basic color of all: red pout is perceived to be attractive and confident in their own right. They are sure of themselves and able to carry themselves in any situation, possess high self-esteem and take risks in their life. There’s more than sexuality when it comes to red lipstick, it means you are a confident woman.

Pink lipstick, on the other hand, can be described as the low-key version of the red team. They’re friends with people, and simply love to have fun. Surprisingly, pinks also perceived as the color of power compared to red which are more on the risque side. Good choice of color to wear in an office setting, with pastel, deep pinks such as mauves and rose.

Darker than pinks is the purple color family, and if you like to wear this color (even as your signature shade) such as plums, berries, and deep mauves, you are perceived as bold, independent, and resourceful, as well as mature. I’m talking about reading a book on the weekends or lounging at the beach kind of mature. Not surprising, this color is popular among ladies in their 30s and upwards.

Nude shades – the antithesis of red – are women who are confident as similar as to the red lipstick wearers, but with elegance, class, and maturity. The shade emphasizes your natural coloring and it’s popular among women in all ages as it’s oh-so-versatile to wear in any occasion – a study even shows that ‘nudist’ wears a lot of lipstick, almost on daily basis. I guess that’s why we have Kylie’s Lip Kit and NYX Lingerie collection that features nudes in varying shades.

So which color is your choice and does it ring true to your personality? It’s no surprise as the art in lip reading has been going on for decades and we at ( will do it for you just that. Trust us, you’ll be surprised how much insights and predictions can be gained with a simple kiss for us to explore. Coming soon. KISSmet™ the online interactive game coming soon. #readyourkiss, #mirandaskiss, #readmykiss, #officiallipstickreader

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