Nothing leaves a lasting impression like a sultry kiss except a class act.đź’‹

A Gift For You

The holidays are fast approaching, as is the Hollywood Glitz of Red Carpet Events. Are you ready for some red-hot memorable entertainment that will leave your guests drooling for more? Add the Official Lipstick Reader to your boutique of services and be the talk of the town! Bring us in as either your main attraction or as a rockin’ add-on. It’s that time of year, and what better way to celebrate with friends, family, and colleagues than with the one and only Official Lipstick Reader and her Kiss Whisperers? We still have a few dates set aside for our preferred Event Planners, but only if you hurry to lock in your date before we add the surcharge for weekends and holiday pricing.

I am Miranda, the Official Lipstick Reader, provider of interactive lipstick readings. I created the Official Lipstick Reader to offer a unique experience by combining forensic, intuitive, and instant digital readings. And you can bring this experience to your event and make it unforgettable by adding a proprietary Kissing Booth. Or you make use of the newest additions to our boutique, Tarot Tells™ and Divine Oracle™. These stand-alone tabletop services are perfect for the budget-conscious and for mini-readings.

What is an official lipstick reading? It’s when the forces of palm reading, Oracle, tarot cards, crystal ball, forensics, and a spark of magic meld together to create a mystic allure within a kiss. All readings are enchanting and uplifting.


  1. An interactive pop-up kissing booth
  2. Tabletop or Podium Tarot Tells™
  3. Tabletop or Podium Divine Oracles™
  4. Team building activities
  5. Keynote presentations
  6. Kiss workshops
  7. Partner for CEUs


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“…but of course it (our event) was different – you are amazing. I know there are other psychic entertainers that say that they are lipstick readers and we know they don’t do what you do…”

— Peggy Jewel, Executive Producer inn-entertainment

Why Lipstick Lip Print Readings?

As facial expressions are tied to our inner emotions, and our emotions rule so much of our behavior, studying body language and facial expressions give an insight into the reasons for our actions. Lipstick tells a story about the person wearing it.  And a kiss imprint shares the journey. 


Check this out Satisfaction Guaranteed

“I absolutely loved having Miranda at my event.  She was so professional, fun and entertaining.  My guests who were a hugely diverse group of professionals really enjoyed her readings. She was great entertainment and suitable for both male and female guests. I would not hesitate in booking her for any event that I had. The lipstick readings really helped to break the ice and were super accurate! Many of my guests contacted me the day after and asked for her details so they could book her for their own events. I also heard back that Miranda was so creative and flexible in customizing her readings for their specific event needs.

In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending Miranda for any event that you had planned. She’s a wonderful addition to any party.”

 – Sam Donnally | Executive Producer | AGT

This site is for entertainment only. The information provided at, and in any reports, emails, ebooks, or other materials you might receive from Official Lipstick Reader and KISSmet™, is for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee the outcome or accuracy of the readings, and we are not responsible for how you interpret or apply it. If you are struggling with chronic illness, mental instability, or legal issues, etc., please consult with your local registered health care or legal professional as soon as possible. Use common sense. Please also carefully read the full "Terms & Conditions".