The Official Kiss Print Reader? Why the heck not!

We live in a very crowded society, online and in person. Today’s market is over saturated, over stimulated and the next big gimmick is around the corner. How do you stand out amongst the clutter? Request a personalized lip print reading and find out. Go one step further. Book your next event to WOW your guests–with a kiss of course.

Feeling a bit frazzeled or on the fence about a decision? You are in the right place for private personal kiss print reading. We also have “on call” options. Make sure to ask about this very limited offerings.

What makes the Official Kiss Print Reader different and unique?

The Official Kiss Print Reader is an artist who offers fun, interactive entertainment that will have guests intrigued, excited, and talking about their “KISS” experience. I created and customized my techniques to develop Kiss Whispers proprietary methods – the only one in the world that offers readings forensically, intuitively, and digitally to guests of any gender. Each show, small or large, is uniquely designed for any audience and it includes an awesome swag bag filled with goodies.

What is included in the Kiss Swag bag?

Each guest receives their individual kissing card, a brand new lipstick, a 30 day follow up kiss print card, and a magic charm. Plus sponsor products and service gift cards. Ask us how to be included in this VIP promotional offering.

Do you offer in person or virtual entertainment?

Yes, both are available. We travel at our expense within 15 miles Arizona, Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and online worldwide. We can accommodate up to 100 guests through Zoom and breakout rooms with other Kiss Whisperers. Travel is available by arrangement.

Can you accommodate large groups?

We have Kiss Whisperers (1-4) available to assist the Official Kiss Print Reader. And we may bring Kiss Assistants for crowd control and a lot more fun. Ask about additional fees and CDC compliance.

Do you offer half and full day rates?

Yes, we do. If you are an event planner ask for our “industry” rates. The Official Kiss Print Reader is a service provider for our charity of choice, Circle of Helping Hands, and we are eligible to receive donations in kind. Please ask us about this option.

Ask Us About Bundle Rates

We have a variety of programs to assist with various budgets to include the Kissing Booth, Kiss Podium and table top readings. Ask about our Kiss & Tarot Tells and Kiss Whisper Oracle table top reading (used for parties with no more than 25 guests).

What’s your refund policy?

It is intended that you are satisfied with the services provided. We have a client concierge who ensures your booking runs smoothly.

The deposit is to hold your date and this is non-refundable.

The 50% deposit is required a minimum of 30 days prior to your date to confirm. Remaining balance is due at the event. Special arrangements may be available. Ask about incentives for the paid-in-full option.

Each show is custom tailored to your event with the best Kiss Whisperers, Assistants, lipsticks, included gifts, and the availability of the Official Kiss Print Reader. We take pride in the brand packaging we create.

Questions & Answers

“Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but the kiss is the door to the heart” ~Miranda, the Kiss Whisperer

Q:  Why did you create the Official Kiss Print Reader?

A: I have always been fascinated with the “Kiss.” I grew up in foster homes and spent more time with my mother as an adult than as a child. I remember my mother applying her makeup flawlessly and being meticulous with her lipstick. I was fascinated. I too wanted to be beautiful like my mother and would sneak into her room and experiment. When I lived at home, my mother would always kiss me goodnight and say, “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Those times were my fondest memories as a child. When I lived in foster and group homes, we all had one thing in common: missing our mothers, and our kiss goodnight. Even those who didn’t know their mothers longed for a kiss goodnight because it said someone cared for us; we mattered. As I grew up, instead of being kissed goodnight, I gave the younger children their kiss goodnight and whispered my mother’s words. 

Q:  When did you discover you were an intuitive?

A: I always had conversations that no one else could see or hear. I was often asked who was I talking to and made fun of by adults and kids. I never really paid attention to those voices until my mother passed away. One sunny day, my mother seemed quite sad. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was so sorry she could not take care of me in this life but she would be gone soon and she would never leave me again. I did not think much of her words until her passing, as she predicted. It was sudden and unexpected, and I have been more in tune and accurate with my readings than ever before. 

Q: Can you share with guests what a kiss print reading is?

A: Basically, apply lipstick to your pucker. Kiss a blank piece of paper twice, sign your first name to connect with spirit, choose your favorite color, and pick one area in your life you would like for the Kiss Whisperer to concentrate on. Best of all, enjoy your reading.

Q:  Is it really that easy?

A: For the recipient, yes it is that easy. As a Kiss Whisperer, many details, plus connecting to spirit to attain the most accurate reading is the gift. We all have our intuition. Some say women are more in tune with theirs. Is this evolution or biology? That is still a disputed question. As facial expressions are tied to our inner emotions, and our emotions rule so much of our behavior, studying body language and facial expressions give an insight into the reasons for our actions. Lipstick tells a story about the person wearing it, and a kiss imprint shares the journey.

What services do you offer?

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