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Your Very Own Kissing Booth – 2 Kisses at a Time

Attract attention from your market and give your clients a reason to pucker up with this opportunity … Read Your Kiss — find out what your lipstick and your kiss have to say about you.

Miranda is the intuitive lipstick reader. Combining forensic insights with presentiment, Miranda lets you know what your lip print says about you.

A lip print, like a fingerprint, reveals personality traits, current emotional state, past and future tendencies, and more. Unlike a fingerprint that remains static, lips are expressive of current energy, emotions, and events and how they impact your history and your future. To find out what your kisser reveals.

Read Your Kiss sessions are enjoyed by all genders and ages! This is a perfect way to make a lasting impression that will linger on everyone’s lips for a long For larger venues, the proprietary methods to ensure accommodating 75+ attendees, an Assistant can be requested for crowd control and to ensure minimum waiting for guests to experience their lips read.  Instead of your guests waiting in line while other festivities and speakers are on stage, ask for details about your event.

What Does Your Pucker Say About You? It's In Your Kiss

Lip Smacking Services


Mini Lipstick Readings 

Tease them with a mini reading that captures their interest and gets them wanting more. It is a memorable way to make an impression that lingers on their lips. Best for medium to large groups. Keeps the line flowing and your guests begging for more.


Attract Interest

The allure of a lip print reading brings attention and builds interaction with clients and potential customers. Invite prospects to spend time with your brand in a personable, memorable experience. First, you must get someone’s attention. Next, capture it.


How to Read Your Lips

What can you learn from reading lips? Get the tutorial—a lip reading class that has everyone talking (and smooching) to find the secrets … and spill them! Learn for yourself or mesmerize your friends with your lip smack readings.

Team Building

Group Activities 

A great way to get to know your teammates. Break the ice and find out talents and traits that build the toolbox of skills that work together for success. Or as a headliner, similar to a hypnotist, where your guests will be shocked and awed with bull’s eye accuracy.


The Offical Lipstick Reader? Why the heck not!

We live in a very crowded society, online and in person. Today’s market is over saturated, over stimulated and the next big gimmick is around the corner. How do you stand out amongst the clutter?  By taking chances, paying attention to be “The Trend Setter”. Why wait for your competition to do life bigger and better.  You stand out, you stand up and you be the star in your industry.  Partner with the only Official Lipstick Reader who will bring it to the table, bring it to your clients, bring it to your party. L’OrĂ©al’s iconic 1973  brand of “Because you are worth it” took the world by storm. What are you doing for the 20th century?  Request a personalized lip print reading and find out. Go one step further.  Book your next event to WOW your guests–with a kiss of course.

Satisfation Guaranteed

You will be thrilled! And so will your guests. For sure.

Where do you service?

Arizona, Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and online worldwide. Travel available by arrangement.

Ask Us About Bundle Rates

We have a variety of programs to assist or mix and match! Ask us now.

Do you offer half and full day rates?

Yes, we do. See pricing above. If you are an event planner or a nonprofit organization ask for “Help a Buddy Out” rate. Through referrals, sponsors and benefactors we are able to offer grants. *Exclusions apply

A portion of all proceeds benefits Circle Of Helping Hands, 501(c)(3)

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