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Are you a Caterpillar or a Butterfly?

As a woman who is fast approaching the big 5-0, I find myself admiring other women who have handled this pivotal stage with admirable results. One of my heroes is a woman who has “aced the test of time”, the venerable Betty White.

With a vivacious personality, fiery attitude, and nerves of steel, Betty White has proven that you can still stand out, even when you have to compete with the past and current Impressions of yourself, as well as everyone else. As an icon for more than 50 years, she has shown us how to live as a paragon of Transformation through Reinvention.

When talking about Transformation and Reinvention, many people think they are interchangeable. Both words seem to be closely related, but there are distinct differences between them.

When you think about the words themselves, Transformation gives off the Impression that it was born in the realm of magic, while Reinvention seems more scientific.

Per our good, old friend, Daniel Webster, a Transformation is defined as a complete or major change in someone’s or something’s appearance, form, etc. In comparison, reinvention is defined as making major changes or improvements to something by looking at it in a different or new way, other than its original use.

To illustrate this point, think of it like this: a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, but a worker ant reinvents itself into a soldier ant when the queen is threatened.

So how does this difference affect you?

Well, when you Transform Your Impression, you change people’s perception of you by displaying positive body language, speaking with confidence, and tailoring your outward appearance accordingly. Reinvention, on the other hand, is changing how you think about yourself and how you want to be viewed by others.

Reinvention is always the first step. It gives you the opportunity to be utilized in a different way. You can change your look. However, if you want to change your purpose in the eyes of others, then you also have to reinvent yourself.

If reinvention is the planning stage, then the transformation is the final result. It is changing how you think about yourself and taking the necessary steps needed to bring about change. Once your transformation is complete, you can move on and become the star of your own show. Everyone else now has the chance to see “the ‘reel’ you” in high definition.

A plan of Reinvention and a showcase of your Transformation give you a platform upon which to rebrand yourself and display the skills, knowledge, and experience, that previously, went unnoticed.

As I traveled on my personal journey, I had to Transform myself through Reinvention several times. My path was not an easy one to follow. I lost my mom at a young age. I had to live in multiple foster homes. As soon as I turned 18, I joined the Navy. There were times where I struggled to keep food on the table as a divorced, single mom. It took a long time for me to get to the point where I could enjoy my current life and have a thriving career as a businesswoman. Now I have the chance to tell my story. My goal is to help other women empower themselves and transform their own lives.

If you would also like to help other women Transform their Impressions, I would be honored to speak to them and share my story of hope and transformation, in further detail. For more information or to schedule an appearance, you can fill out the contact form on the welcome page of my website,

The living is a joy and a delight when you discover a way to guide yourself and find the path to your Ultimate Self.

Peace, Love, and Besos!

Anita Miranda

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