Let us transform your life by connecting to Spirit with a KISS

So you can live with purpose & honor your dreams.

The Official Kiss Print Reader is an intuitive kiss print reading service created by Dr. Miranda, a third-generation clairvoyant. Fascinated by the comfort a goodnight kiss could bring while growing up in the foster care system, Dr. Miranda was instantly taken with kiss print readings after having her own lips read and decided to take the process a step further. Now, the Official Kiss Print Reader has read thousands of prints using a truly unique combination of forensics, affirmative insight, and emotion. Through her special process of reading two kiss prints, Dr. Miranda and her Kiss Whisperers are able to delight and entertain clients, as well as help them find clarity, hope, joy, and peace, and illuminate what they need to do to reach the next phase of their lives.

 Dr. Miranda, The Official Kiss Print Reader

Why work with The Official Kiss Print Reader?


After receiving my very own lip print reading 10 years ago, I felt there was so much more to unlocking a “Kiss,” so I took it a few steps further. Adding to the forensics I had experienced, I once again heard the whispers reminding me of my intuitive gifts from three generations. I learned how to read the journey, the past to present, and predictions for the future. “Is your past holding you back?” “Are you waiting for life to happen?” and “Is there a true love in your future?” are common questions that I am able to interpret through a kiss.


Lip prints are similar to fingerprints, except fingerprints do not change. Lip prints change with education, information, and emotions. After a reading, I often ask the guest to do one more kiss. They are shocked to see a big difference. This is better than truth serum, so I am told. Another secret about my kiss whispers is that I do not tell anyone anything they do not already know. Sometimes it is hidden, forgotten, or asleep. I call this the “Aha Whisper”. When a guest knows exactly what I see in their imprint, you see the “Aha” moment. Tears of relief are most common. My readings give clarity to find joy, love, happiness, direction, decisiveness, forgiveness, and peace. This is why I do what I do.


Personal readings are delivered instantly with a branded digital card with the party details. In the past, guests would ask to record their session, so they could remember what was covered. However, this prevented them from staying present and connected. So we created the Digital Imprint card, which guests and clients will receive with the important details of their reading. Services of choice include a kissing booth, team building activities, keynote, kiss workshops, personal readings, partnering, agency, and event entertainment. Official Kiss Print Readings are never the same twice – guaranteed!

Now you too can be a Kiss Whisper.

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We will affirm what has been holding you back, if your belief and value system is working for you, and how the past is affecting you.


Walk away with clarity and purpose. Take action on your kiss print reading to manifest what you're meant to be.


Receive clarity and a manifesto with the tools of your kiss print to design your best life — on your terms.


Providing clients with clarity and the ability to clear mental roadblocks, allowing them to live fully in the present and move forward in their lives and business with positivity.

We accomplish this by:

  • Connecting with clients on a personal level
  • Offering affirmative insights through interactive kiss print readings
  • Providing guidance for the questions and challenges our clients face

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