Can a single kiss change one's life?

It’s not just a kiss print. It’s an experience. An experience where lips are unsealed and secrets are revealed. An experience where life lessons are uncovered and possibilities are predicted. All with interactive analysis, healing, and premonition.

I provide insight into the questions and challenges you face with uplifting readings and impeccable predictions. Like a custom GPS navigator, I assist you in getting unstuck and becoming confident with life’s choices.

In my presence and in the presence of the angels, explore the magic of a first kiss. You can trust me as your guide, as I have accurately read over 10,000 kiss prints.

Unseal the secrets to your past, present, and future.

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Psychic Kiss Print Readings are for all genders and ages. Designed for small and large venue entertainment, private parties, and individuals seeking the past, present, and premonitions. We offer in-person and virtual readings. CDC compliant. 

"When I met Miranda I knew there was something really special about her. We connected right away and she saw things in me that I didn’t know anyone could see. We have become great friends. She’s a great spiritual advisor and I really cherish the gift that she was given, she has helped me so much!"
Garcelle Beauvais
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A Little About Myself
Interactive Analysis, Healing, and Premonition

Hi! I’m Dr. Miranda...

As the founder of the Official Kiss Print Reader, I demonstrate the magic of a first kiss through my interactive readings. I’ve become one of the most sought-after lip print readers and offer a unique, holistic approach with proven results all based on the anatomy and energy of a kiss. In under five minutes, I’ll astound you with my affirmative, accurate insights, entertaining readings, and spot-on predictions. I am a third-generation clairvoyant. Unfortunately, the fourth generation has been lost with the passing of my daughter. However, the fifth generation is going strong with her daughter. Introducing Gwyndalyn Rose, who will continue the legacy of the Official Kiss Print Reader. Each lip print has its own story to tell, and I use them to decode why we are the way we are and what’s next in our lives. Looking for a private reading? Need a custom performance for your event? Book me today to make it happen! Large event? No problem. Ask about our amazing Kiss Whisperers.

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And receive clarity and guidance for the questions and challenges you face. 

What makes Dr. Miranda different? Alongside the traditional, Tarot and Oracle interactive cards, proprietary and created by our team, she brings the understanding of “Why” you do you and “What” you could do next. She also shows you how to shift from “I need and want” to “I deserve and desire,” all to lead you to the best life of your design. All on your own terms.