Interactive Psychic Lip Print Readings Based upon the Science of a Kiss



Your kiss is the key to your past, present, and future

Miracles happen, lives change, love spreads, and beauty evolves! With the combination of ancient arts, psychology practices, and a dash of magic, we decode a life’s journey beginning with a kiss print.



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Why Lipstick Lip Print Readings?

“You have to experience the Official Lipstick Reader. I tell my friends that it feels like a life/ love/relationship/business coach, therapist, best friend, and mom all rolled into one. All this in 5 minutes.  I can hardly wait for my follow up appointment that I booked for an hour. What I learned in 5 min gave me insight and what I will learn in an hour will reveal my past and future journey. The signs were there all along.”  A. Fontaine

“As facial expressions are tied to our inner emotions, and our emotions rule so much of our behavior, studying facial expressions give an insight into the reasons for our actions. Lipstick tells a story about the person wearing it.  And a kiss imprint shares the journey.”💋 A. Miranda

Why choose Miranda and her Kiss Whisperers

Miranda has quickly become one of the most sought-after lip print readers. As the Official Lipstick Reader, she offers a unique holistic approach with proven results, all based on the anatomy and energy of a kiss. Miranda is a third-generation intuitive and retired Navy Veteran who understands the universal signals and science hidden within every lip print. Prepare to be astounded at the affirmative insights, entertaining readings, and spot-on predictions, all under 3 minutes. She and her Kiss Whisperers delight and awe audiences through a combination of divination and storytelling, with an additional spark of magic, making her unlike any other reader. From reading over 10,000 lip prints, Miranda has learned that no two are alike, each individual print providing its own story to tell. Utilizing two kisses for a road map, Miranda reads lip prints to decode the past and present. Most importantly, she shares how we got where we are, why we do what we do and what is next on a life journey.

Miranda has masterfully crafted her techniques to be fun, uplifting, and inspirational to people of all genders and ages from all walks of life. In addition to offering personal readings and event services, Miranda has created and developed custom entertainment for major corporations such as Fremantle and Yelp, luxury brands like Dior and Jimmy Choo, and celebrities including Patti Stanger, Karina Smirnoff and so many others. The offer of an individual, unique reading creates a memorable occasion.

Lipstick Readings for all genders and ages. Designed for small and large venue entertainment, private parties and individual kiss predictions.

Official Lipstick Lip Print Reader Kiss Whispers For You

Event Entertainment Demo

Official Lipstick Reader BizBash Event Demo 2019

Karina Smirnoff LA Splash - See me work at 1:30

The Official Lipstick Reader to the Stars

“I absolutely loved having Miranda at my event. She was so professional, fun and entertaining. My guests who were a hugely diverse group of professionals really enjoyed her readings. She was great entertainment and suitable for both male and female guests.

In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending Miranda for any event that you had planned. She’s a wonderful addition to any party.”

– Sam Donnally | Executive Producer | AGT

“Hi, Miranda….it was such a pleasure working with you on Friday at our event in Nordstrom Century City….it was a fun and attractive event that really captured the attention of many customers and people walking by.

Your presentation is much more than a simple “lip-reading,” you clearly have put much effort into creating an experience for our clients.  Thank you again for a memorable event….we will definitely do it again!”

– Kathy Agajanian | Account Executive | DIOR

A portion of proceeds benefits charity Circle Of Helping Hands assisting our Veterans, displaced homemakers, and seniors.  We personally guarantee 100% satisfaction. What are you waiting for? A KISSmet with the Official Lipstick Reader of course.💋



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