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The Official Lipstick Reader is a highly amusing interactive venue that will have your guests begging for more. Anita Miranda has a unique ability to make people smile, laugh, and have fun while being entertained. Each show is uniquely designed for the audience and is never the same twice. Not only will each guest (yes the fellas too), receive a complimentary lipstick they will take home a treasure of memories, a memento lip print card, KISS swag, and a gift certificate for their very own event.

Do you want more variety? Anita is now offering one-of-a-kind digital Lipstick Readings, where every reading is recorded, stamped and emailed instantly with a Goddess Archetype, Read My Shade, Kissing Style plus Destiny Stones to view into the future. Ask about our “A Wish Kiss Bracelets.”💋

Intuitive Lipstick Readings

Specializing in  intuitive lipstick readings while performing bull’s eye accuracy to inspire, motivate and bring that little something “EXTRA” to uplift the spirit of your guests and offer individual consultations!  

It's In Your Kiss Unique Readings

For larger events/parties, Miranda’s “It’s In Your Kiss” is able to give an impromptu 3-5 minute lip reading of what that guest’s personality is or what they might be struggling with, as part of the allure and cosmic mystique.

Impromptu 3-5 Minute Reading

For your next event, watch your guests line up eagerly for a taste of Anita’s unique approach, filled with insight, sensitivity, and humor that will delight one and all.

Kiss Goodies For Host & Guests

Are you seeking more value for your entertainment budget? We offer Mystic Stones, Affirmations, Angel Readings and one of a kind “Make A Wish with a Kiss” custom bracelets. When your guests expect a class act, bring it with Official Lipstick Readings.

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