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The Offical Lipstick Reader? Why the heck not!

We live in a very crowded society, online and in person. Today’s market is over saturated, over stimulated and the next big gimmick is around the corner. How do you stand out amongst the clutter?  By taking chances, paying attention to be “The Trend Setter”. Why wait for your competition to do life bigger and better.  You stand out, you stand up and you be the star in your industry.  Partner with the only Official Lipstick Reader who will bring it to the table, bring it to your clients, bring it to your party. L’Oréal’s iconic 1973  brand of “because you are worth it” took the world by storm. What are you doing for the 21st century?  Request a personalized lip print reading and find out. Go one step further.  Book your next event to WOW your guests–with a kiss of course.

Satisfation Guaranteed

You will be thrilled! And so will your guests. For sure.

Where do you service?

Arizona, Southern California, Las Vegas, Nevada, and online worldwide. Travel available by arrangement.

Ask Us About Bundle Rates

We have a variety of programs to assist presence and we can do Kiss & Tarot Tells readings! Ask us to know.

Do you offer half and full day rates?

Yes, we do. See pricing. If you are an event planner or a nonprofit organization ask for “industry or give back rates”. Through referrals, sponsors and benefactors we are able to offer grants. *Exclusions apply

Questions & Answers

“Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but the kiss is the door to the heart” ~Miranda, the Kiss Whisperer

Q:  Why did you create the Official Lipstick Reader?

A:  I have always been fascinated with the “Kiss.” I grew up in foster homes and spent more time with my mother as an adult than as a child. I do remember my mother applying her makeup flawlessly and being meticulous with her lipstick. I was fascinated. I too wanted to be beautiful like my mother and would sneak into her room and experiment. Needless to say, I looked more like a clown than a beautiful lady. When I did live at home, my mother would always kiss me goodnight and say “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” Those times were my fondest memories as a child. When I lived in foster and group homes, we all had one thing in common. Missing our mothers, and our kiss goodnight. Even those who didn’t know their mothers, they too longed for a kiss goodnight. It said someone cared for us. We mattered. As I aged up, instead of being kissed goodnight, I gave the younger children their kiss goodnight and whispered my mother’s words. One other memory I have of my mother was her telling me “Always wear lipstick in public. You never know where you will end up or who is watching you. And lipstick changes lives.” It sure does. 

Q:  When did you discover you were an intuitive?

A:   I always had conversations that no one else could see or hear. I was asked often who was I talking to and made fun of by adults and kids. I heard that I was crazy often. I learned to have my conversations without moving my lips and not say a word out loud. I never really paid attention to those voices until my mother passed away. One sunny day in New Mexico, I was about 8 years old, my mother seemed quite sad. I asked her what was wrong. When my mother cried, I too cried and could feel my tears running down my cheeks. She said she was so sorry she could not take care of me in this life but she would be gone soon and she would do a much better job where she was going. I did not think much of her words until her death at 52-years-old. It was sudden and unexpected. I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye or that I loved her. She came to me before they had even moved her to the mortuary. I could feel and hear her clearly. She landed on my left shoulder.  With the sudden death of my daughter at 34 years old, I felt so broken and seriously considered to not do my readings any longer. How could I read others and help them when I could not see and help my daughter? She too came to me but not until her funeral with family and friends. When her casket was closed I felt her. She landed on my right shoulder. I now have balance. I say it is my mother’s butterfly kisses with my daughter’s angel wings. And I have been more in tune and accurate with my readings than ever before. Guests receive their personal reading of a trifecta with three generations: Nora Miranda, Anita Miranda, and Miranda Foster. 

Q:  What makes the OLR different and unique?

A:  The Official Lipstick Reader is a highly amusing interactive entertainer that will have guests intrigued, excited, and talking about their “KISS” experience. I created and customized my techniques to develop KISSmet proprietary methods – the only one in the world that offers readings forensically, intuitively, and digitally to guests of any gender. Each show, small or large, is uniquely designed for any audience.

FORENSICS & INTUITION After receiving my very own lip print reading 10 years ago, I felt there was so much more to unlocking a “Kiss.” I took it a few steps further. Adding to the forensics I just experienced, I once again heard the whispers reminding me of my intuitive gifts from three generations. I learned how to read the journey, the past to present, and predictions for the future. “Is your past holding you back,” “Are you waiting for life to happen,” and “Is there a true love in your future” are common questions that I am able to interpret through a kiss. 

EMOTION & INSIGHT Lip prints are similar to fingerprints, except fingerprints do not change. Lip prints change with education, information, and emotions. After a reading, I often ask the guest to do one more kiss. They are shocked to see a big difference. This is better than truth serum, so I am told. Another secret about my kiss whispers, I do not tell anyone anything they do not already know.  Sometimes it is hidden, forgotten, or asleep. I call this the Aha Whisper.  When a guest knows exactly what I see in their imprint, you see the “Aha” moment. Tears of relief are most common. My readings give clarity to find joy, love, happiness, direction, decisiveness, forgiveness, and peace.  This is why I do what I do. 

DIGITAL & MORE Starting with a ReadYourKiss.com a free sample prior to having their lip print read by the Official Lipstick Reader, each guest* (certain packages only) receives a lipstick gift, lip print kissing card, a chocolate kiss, and With a Wish Kiss Bracelet or Magic Charm, all included in a  SWAG. Their personal reading is delivered instantly with a branded digital card with the party details.

Services of choice include a kissing booth, team building activities, keynote, kiss workshops, personal readings, partnering, agency and event entertainment. Official Lipstick Readings are never the same twice – guaranteed!

Q:  Can you share with guests what is it?

A:  Basically, apply lipstick to your pucker. Kiss a blank piece of paper twice, sign your first name, and enjoy your reading. 

Q:  Is it really that easy?

A:  For the recipient, yes it is that easy. As a Kiss Whisperer, many details, plus connecting to spirit to attain the most accurate reading is the gift. We all have our intuition. Some say women are more in tune with theirs. Is this evolution or biology? That is still a disputed question. As facial expressions are tied to our inner emotions, and our emotions rule so much of our behavior, studying body language and facial expressions give an insight into the reasons for our actions. Lipstick tells a story about the person wearing it.  And a kiss imprint shares the journey. 

The most essential of makeup products, lipstick creates for its wearer much more than a colorful smile. As much as it provides in terms of surface-level beauty, properly selected lipstick also highlights certain unique properties inherent in all lips within rests the potential for something far more elemental in nature.

By earning a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing followed by a Master’s degree in Education, I knew I had to find a way to capture the reading digitally and with KISSmet, the sweet spot was created. 

Q:  What services do you offer?

A:  Event Entertainment – Blow Them Away With Kisses 💋 Entice | Engage | Entertain 

Events Entertainment

B:  Personal – Touched By A Kiss 💋 Connect | Clarity | Compassion

Personal Readings

C: Private– Celebrate With Kisses 💋 Classy | Coordinate | Creative 

Private Events

Ready For A Kiss?

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