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Why Choose Official Lipstick Reader?

Miranda is an entertainer who adds the spark to any party. People love to hear insights about themselves. She shares roadblocks and crossroads to get your heart’s desire. What makes Miranda different and unique is her ability to share the journey of where you were, how you got there, where you are now and paths in front of you. Your guests will be shocked and awed. Beginning with a KISS.

What Kind of Readings Do You Offer?

Intuitive Lipstick Readings utilizes Past, Present, and Future paths. The Lip Print is used “forensically” to see actual events. Not only intuitively like clairvoyants and psychics. There is a science to a Lip Print Reader.

Do You Also Offer Private Readings?

We offer “one on one” in person, telephone, Skype, or Google Plus intuitive readings and group rates.

Why Would a Wellness Center Include the Official Lipstick Reader?

A Wellness Center with a Lipstick Reader will add a unique service yet proven modality to their boutique of services in achieving overall wellness of the mind, body and soul. Include Miranda in a launch party, open house, thank your clients entertainer or as a specialized practitioner in a package.

What Do You Mean by “Creating a Memory?”

Lips, like fingerprints, take shape differently from one individual to the next. As with a baby’s first footprint, share your lip print with someone you love. It will be treasured for all time. Great for family reunions, anniversaries, or simply as a gift. As for the interpretation; the kiss, a human act which defies time, space, culture, and even recorded history itself, channels those unique properties in a manner not unlike the leaving of fingerprints, though far more intimate and poetic in nature. Miranda’s service is designed to identify and further explore that very poetry. However, like the words of all skilled poets, their deeper meaning is itself and art form… the very art to which Miranda has devoted herself. It is up to you to “Kiss N’ Tell.”

How Can I Offer the Official Lipstick Reader’s Services as a Concierge?

Special requests are not uncommon to a Concierge. You have heard it all. How about offering the Official Lipstick Reader either in your wellness/spa center or as a private reader. Your guests will surely share with others their experience blended with remarkable amenities that completely redefine genuine hospitality and allow guests to return to your establishment. No two readings are the same and always uplifting.

How Would a Department Store Benefit, or a New Product Launch?

Place a Kiss N Tell Reader near the cosmetic counter. If the woman does not have lipstick of her own to apply, she is sent to the cosmetic counter where a sample is applied, usually by a clerk. What woman can resist a complimentary past, present and future reading? Add a splash of color with lipstick, the entertainer helps you sell lipsticks and other cosmetics. With lipstick freshly applied, the guest then kisses a beautifully crafted postcard, leaving an imprint.
It’s fun, quick, and a terrific supplement to events where the client wants the crowd to stay flowing. Men and children are welcome to participate, assuming they don’t mind wearing lipstick even for a brief lip imprint reading. The Official Lipstick Reader ensures they are part of the party, too.

What About Corporate Events?

Before you actually begin booking entertainment for your next event, ponder on what you’re going to offer to your employees. Is there any attraction you could think of that hasn’t been offered before? Magician, Hypnotist, Strolling Mariachi, or Tarot Card Reader – been there done it, but it is a little passé. If you want to be original and the toast of the event no matter the occasion another option would be is a KISS. It’s great for getting fun conversations started and people will talk especially around the water cooler. Where KISS N Tell is encouraged.

How About In-Home Parties?

Do you have an in home business as a Distributor or Independent Sales Representative?  Include the Official Lipstick Reader as the entertainment while your customers are waiting their turn to place their order with you. When your bottom line depends on your personal interaction with your customer after your presentation, the one hour of Official Lipstick Reader is priceless.  Best deal of the “party package,” minimum of 1 hour is accepted.

Is Adding a Psychic to Our Party a Good Idea?

Psychics are always extremely popular at any party… However, an intuitive Lipstick/Lip Print Reader is even better. And they are, surprisingly, equally popular with men, women, young people, and seniors. Also, the most value.

What Should I Expect on the Day of the Event?

Miranda brings everything needed for your guests to make their lip prints. This includes lipsticks, mirrors, facial wipes, pens, Make A Wish Kiss Bracelets and personalized “Kiss Cards” for your guests to kiss their lip prints and keep as a souvenir. We recommend 30-60 minutes to set up to not disturb the flow of your event.

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