Entrepreneur, retired Navy and empathically intuitive Anita Miranda, is proud to present a unique lip print reading service for women and the fellas too throughout Arizona, Southern California, Las Vegas Nevada, and Online-Everywhere. The most essential of make-up products creates for its wearer much more than a colorful smile. As much as it provides in terms of surface-level beauty, properly selected lipstick also highlights certain unique properties inherent in all lips within rests the potential for something far more elemental in nature.

The kiss, a human act which defies time, space, culture, and even recorded history itself, channels those unique properties in a manner not unlike the leaving of fingerprints, though far more intimate and poetic in nature. Anita’s service is designed to identify and further explore that very poetry. However, like the words of all skilled poets, their deeper meanings might be very much present but somewhat elusive. Identifying such meaning is itself an art form…the very art to which Anita has devoted herself.

Create the deck. Shuffle now. KISS & TELL about my life.

Is there really such a thing as a mother’s love? The kiss tells us so.
My mother always said, “You are destined to be great. That is why I created you.” Fortunately I learned to believe that before I learned my mother was a Schizophrenic, and she said that to everyone.
Often, mother would tell me that she could not care for me. Then she died when I was young. In my time of despair, hurt, and sorrow, I sensed a gentle kiss on my forehead. A perfect stillness overcame me, knowing ‘everything will be alright.’ I knew since then that my mother has my back. No matter what. And she showed me with a kiss.
I was oblivious about life out in the world. I only knew what I knew. Live with strangers, don’t do drugs, don’t get pregnant, continue with education, and always wear lipstick!
Growing up is my miracle. I was the kid who should have, could have been a statistic: either “little girl lost” or “crazy woman found.” I do believe life is what you make it. It’s a shuffled deck that’s shoved into your hands… or it’s a deck you create so you are in charge of your deal.
I have learned to play to win, yet with the certainty of losing—sometimes. Can someone just get a newly shuffled deck at life? Can we decide either game over the life has to offer…or do something about it? That is what I decided when I was 15 years old.
I made a choice to be ‘somebody’ and do ‘something’ amazing. And here I am, having created my own deck so that I can shuffle it, deal out the cards, and delight you with a lipstick print reading. The imprint of a kiss inspires me, over and over.
Yes, I do believe life is a game. And how well the game is played is anyone’s guess. The forensics of a lipstick lip print reveal tendencies, emotion, and the happenings in your life. Your lips are expressive so the lipstick print will change with what is going on, now and then. And I bring my intuitive gifts to expand on the information to entertain you with insights about you. With just a SWAK you get insights and walk away with SWAG.
I’m Anita Miranda, the founder of Miranda’s Creatives, LLC and Circle of Helping Hands charity, and THE OFFICIAL LIPSTICK READER.
A Mother’s Kiss is my legacy. This is my gift. And I am delighted to share it with you.
Ready to shuffle your deck?
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