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Karina Smirnoff LA Splash - See me work at 1:30

The Official Lipstick Reader to the Stars

Your hands show the path you are currently on and your feet where you have walked in life.  Add your lips with a kiss and you have the future with a party.💋  Turn your event into the extravaganza your hard work deserves.  Be the “Kiss who Tells.” What is all the buzz lately?  Why lips?  Lips are the most sensual body part.  Have you ever wondered where “Sealed with a Kiss” originated from? And my lips are sealed?  Now, presenting a fun and entertaining way of “unlocking” the mysteries behind a “Kiss.”

Kylie Jenner sold out of her new lipstick line within minutes of her debut.  Other Fashionistas have followed suit. What’s next?  A lipstick reading of course.  Why get another ho-hum entertainer when you can have it all with a KISSmet™  of the Official Lipstick Reader, combining forensics, intuitive, digital journey readings. And for the gentlemen, we offer hip chapstick and/or digital prints with all the other goodies.  New York has the Long Island Medium and Hollywood the Celebrity Clairvoyant, presenting the hottest and hip class act with a kiss is Miranda. The only lipstick reader who combines all three with the latest technology, digital snapshot imprints delivered instantly to your inbox.  Every guest leaves with a SWAG (goodie bag) and their SWAK (sealed with a kiss).

Hanna Griffiths, Tori Spelling, Patti Stanger, Karina Smirnoff (clients) to the leading psychic of celebrities–Divine Wisdom–they all agree that Miranda is the real deal.

Have You Had Your Kiss Today?

You provide a table top and chairs. We provide the set up with beautiful crafted branded (client’s logo) kissing cards. We make it easy, fun and unique for each event.  We offer 5 types of readings in each lipstick reading. This is it. One of a kind. The lipstick imprint reader will share the past, present, and future. Plus the journey traveled and yet to cross. Please check out our website for more details and samples. Care to have a kiss on us? We would be happy to visit you and your team to sample the goods.  Careful ladies, you just might get hooked on a first kiss.  All brave men welcome.

A portion of proceeds benefits charity Circle Of Helping Hands assisting our Veterans, displaced homemakers, and seniors.  We personally guarantee 100% satisfaction. What are you waiting for? A KISSmet™ with the Official Lipstick Reader of course.💋 

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